“When I met Stephen a couple of years ago the stock market was experiencing its worst decline since the great depression. My investments, which I held with the banks, were down dramatically and I was seriously considering selling everything. Stephen’s calm and quiet confidence convinced me to stay invested. I decided to transfer my investments to his management and I have no regrets; the value of my portfolio has surpassed its previous high. With Stephen’s conscientious approach and personal touch I feel comfortable that I am in “good hands” no matter what the market does. Thank you Steve!!” 



“He was very professional, explained things in a manner which we could understand and with his guidance allowed us to make our investment decisions. We never felt pressured. His supportive, positive and trustworthy personality has made investing a pleasant experience. Thank you Steve”



“I really appreciate the personal approach that I receive from Tate Financial. I know I can rely on their knowledge and customer service to help me make the right financial decisions.” 


“We have found Steve to be very professional, trustworthy, and sincere. He was able to make suggestions and presented other opportunities to make our money grow safely. Now that we are retired, we have a sense of relief of not being concerned for the future of our money. We would recommend to all our friends that they check out what Tate Financial has to offer.”



“I am a real estate professional. Real estate is what I know and it is where I have always invested. I know, I know, all your eggs in one basket is never advised, so a friend referred me to Steve. Despite the fact that he came highly recommended, I was still a skeptic at our first meeting. However Steve was confident yet easy going – a combination that put me at ease. He seemed to genuinely have my family’s best interests at heart. He took the time to create projections for my retirement, based on my goals, current investment portfolio, and risk tolerance.  He listened and together we made a plan to diversify my investments.  I would not hesitate to refer Steve to everyone I know. He knows what he is doing and it shows.”



“Working with Tate Financial was a totally different experience. The insight and practical advice that I received was invaluable in helping me set my goals for the future, and I appreciate the time that was spent educating me on the different investment options.”