Retirement Income Planning

Many wonder if retirement will affect their lifestyle…
it doesn’t have to.

The MOST important time for a successful retirement is the five years before you retire and the five years after. If you are considering retirement, you will face some important decisions such as when to start taking your CPP or which pension option is best. It is important to contact us before making these decisions so that we can help you to maximize your income in retirement.

“Will I have enough money in retirement?” As financial planners, that’s a question we are asked very often. Our usual response is to ask another question like, “What will you be doing in retirement?”

In our practice, we spend a lot of time with our clients in the years leading up to retirement to help them develop this compelling vision of the future, and the specific activities which will support it.  Many people wonder if retirement will affect their lifestyle… it doesn’t have to.  By working through our retirement income planning process, we assist you to feel empowered and confident about the years to come.

For some people, retirement and achieving “financial independence” involves a change of career, but it might also include continued work. Others have so many hobbies, volunteer pursuits, grandchildren, travel or other compelling interests that they can’t wait to free up the time to do all the things they love.

Once we have determined the activities you intend to pursue in retirement and the lifestyle you want to lead, we can assist you in ensuring that your savings and investments will be enough to cover your retirement years. By working with your financial advisor, our strategic financial planning techniques can ensure that your savings outlast your retirement years.

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Benefit from our extensive experience

Step 1

Determine retirement lifestyle goals

Step 2

Assess current financial situation and identify potential shortfalls in retirement income

Step 3

Strategize ways to diversify and protect income streams

Step 4

Implement retirement income plan

Step 5

Monitor and adjust retirement income plan when necessary

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