With the crazy financial markets of the last decade, most people feel that a storybook retirement is no longer possible. Luckily, we share the math and science behind a successful retirement and prove that despite what most experts say, “happily ever after” is still within your grasp.

Pay cheques and Play cheques is a roadmap for surviving – and thriving – in these difficult economic times.
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Pay cheques and Play cheques: Retirement Income Solutions for Canadians is a guide for retirement that is built for uncertain markets like the one we are in right now. The Pay cheques and Play cheques strategy is a mathematically and scientifically proven approach that will enable you to create a secure retirement, no matter how long you live. By using simple financial products properly, having a plan for long term care, and utilizing cutting edge estate planning ideas, we will show you how to retire with enough guaranteed lifetime income to cover your basic expenses and optimize the rest of your portfolio to make sure you receive your "play cheques." Pay cheques and Play cheques is an easy read, packed full of great income generating strategies to help you or your clients through retirement. It's not rocket science - it's financial sense.

Retirement Income Solutions, for Life

The MOST important time for a successful retirement is the five years before you retire and the five years after.

What will this book give you?

  • A simple, real-world guide to help you retire the one best way
  • A plan for you to receive a guaranteed paycheque – or ‘playcheque’ – for the rest of your life
  • The mathematical, scientific, and economic facts behind a happy retirement
  • Powerful ways to use simple financial products
  • An explanation of what financial products to put money into and how much to put there
  • Advice on how to protect yourself from inflation and deflation
  • Details on the importance of having a plan for long term care
  • An understanding of the biggest risks of retirement and how to avoid them
  • A sure-fire way to get all the upside of your investments and none of the downside
  • A roadmap to retirement that takes the guess work out
  • Solutions based on math and science and not someone’s opinion!