One of the greatest risks to your financial well-being is that your income will cease before you are financially independent.


Fortunately, there are many tools available to provide income for an unplanned event such as unemployment, premature death, prolonged disability, critical illness, or the need for long term care.

Whether you have a new addition to the family and would like additional life insurance, or you are starting a new business as an entrepreneur and have questions about your health / disability / critical illness insurance coverage – we have the expertise to put together a custom capital needs analysis and insurance policy package, while assisting you in getting a very competitive monthly premium.

Tate Financial works with a variety of insurance partners to provide the best possible coverage for each client’s personal situation (offered through our Managing General Accounts (MGAs): Customplan Financial and Peak Financial Group).  Insurance products are provided through Customplan Financial and Peak Financial Group and are separate from Investia Financial Services Inc.


Travel Medical Insurance

Planning a trip? We can arrange your travel medical insurance quickly and easily online.

Types of Coverage

Insuring, you’re covered

Life Insurance

A properly managed life insurance portfolio can pay off your personal and joint liabilities as well as provide your family and loved ones with income in the event of your loss. Some life insurance products, such as Segregated Funds, can help you meet your retirement and savings goals while also providing peace of mind knowing the important people in your life will have financial security in the event of your death. Your Tate Financial advisor is able to provide you with important information on life insurance and the products offered, and because we are not bound to any specific product provider, we are able to find the best product to suit your needs.

Critical Illness Insurance

More Canadians are surviving medical conditions that were once fatal. Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum upon diagnosis and survival of a covered critical illness. Benefits are payable when the insured has survived for 30 days after diagnosis.
A new type of insurance has recently been introduced that has been specifically designed to cover children’s illnesses. If you are interested in an innovative product that allows you to save for your child’s future, while also protecting them with insurance in the case of a critical illness.

Disability Insurance

Without disability insurance, a serious injury or illness could become a truly devastating and costly experience. That’s why it is important to make sure you have the coverage you need to protect everything you’ve worked hard for- whether you are self-employed, a business owner, or an employee with limited benefits. Because we conduct business with companies of “AAA” rated standings, we are able to provide you with the best product to suit your need.

Business & Key Person Insurance

Every business has at least one employee who everyone agrees is “priceless”. It makes sense to think about where you’d be without those employees, and insure against the unfortunate scenario of losing them. Few things in life are riskier than launching and running your own business. You needn’t compound that risk by neglecting your business insurance needs. Protecting your business from financial disaster will not only preserve all your hard work and long hours, but it will also help you sleep better.

Group Plans - RRSP's & Employee Benefits

Doing business in today’s world demands that employers invest in their employees. Group benefits can help you attract and retain employees, and minimize the costs associated with high employee turnover.

Risk Management

Replacement of income in the event of accident or illness is vitally important. An income protection plan offers you an income to help you support yourself and your family in the unfortunate event that you are out of work due to accident or illness.